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What Does the Watchman watch?

Join Pastor Dean Dwyer for this intriguing new series as he preaches about current events in the world which Christians should be keenly aware of.  Biblical watchmen played a very important function, warning their people of impending danger.  It is our contention that every Christian should be a "watchman".  But where do you begin and, considering the pace of biblically relevant events which are occurring, where do you look?  We trust this series will help you determine what the watchman should focus on. 

Watchman videos

Video 1

Man is the only creature who knows he is going to die and he is trying desperately to prevent it. Enter the concept of transhumanism. Because mankind is ultimately searching for eternal life without the pardon of sin and the new birth offered through Jesus Christ, it ultimately believes salvation is found via technology rather than through faith in Jesus Christ.

Video 2

If, as technocrats claim, mankind needs to undergo transformation so that there is a fusion between our physical, biological and digital identities, it means they will need to build a new world to house this new creation. We often talk about new birth as believers - this will essentially be the counterfeit process - to partake in the new world that is being built, globalist elites require you to be born again as a transhuman.

Video 3

Jesus has a strong message to the church at Sardis - some are dead (spiritually) that need to be revived; some are dying (spiritually) that need to remember and repent in order to be revived and there are some who are dedicated who must continue to advance on their knees. The city of Sardis was overrun twice because there were no watchmen posted on the walls. We must remain watchful - for our enemy is relentless and he continues to stalk those who will not watch.

Video 4

In the  world today, we see the return of neo-paganism.  What is held up as "freedom" is in fact rebellion against God.  Before mankind stands a choice: do you wish to adopt paganism, perversion or purity?

Video 5

Mankind has a plan. It wants to unite in order to stave off the supposed disaster of climate change. In history, we learn that Nimrod, a wicked ruler of the post-flood era, also sought to unite mankind to avoid a supposed future disaster. So, here we see that the Nimrod spirit once again infects globalists. Although their plans, under the reign of Antichrist, will succeed for a time, it will end in the same manner as Babel - judgement.

Video 6

According to Yuval Harari, mankind will transition from man-wise (homo sapien) to man-god (homo deus), therefore replacing man as God's image-bearer (and thus answerable to Him) with a man who is a soul-less biological entity. Ultimately, the homo deus project will fail because the true God-Man will destroy the evil works of darkness with the brightness of His coming.

Video 7

Throughout the entertainment industry, many are openly proclaiming they have sold their soul to the devil for popularity and profit. But is it even possible to sell your soul to the devil and is Jesus strong enough to deliver mankind from the grip of spiritual darkness and demonic influence?

Video 8

Throughout every city and nation, the godless are living in an increasingly wicked and sinful manner. But know this, every secret thing, whether good or evil, will be judged. For the godless, the sickle of God's wrath looms over this Earth and very soon, the vine of the earth will be cut down and cast into the winepress of the wrath of God.

Video 9

This time we examine the connection between the recently discovered unblemished red heifers and the coming of what Zechariah 11 describes as the worthless shepherd - the Antichrist.

Video 10

Many Christians see social justice as having an air of Christlikeness about it, but under the surface it merely replaces the gospel with social activism. Moreover, for any church to adopt a posture of social justice means that they are going to have to appease a large number of people who view Biblical Christianity negatively. Consequently, doctrinal truths are hidden, the gospel is watered down and Christ is held up as merely another social justice crusader rather than the God-Man who paid the penalty for our sins on the cross. Weak sermons from woke pastors won’t convict sinners who need redemption. We cannot cave to whatever the culture is angry about and try to do whatever works to appease them. Doing so is merely abdicating our role as a beacon of God’s truth in favour of bowing to the vile calling of culture.

Video 11

Today we continue the series entitled "What Does the Watchman Watch?" and our focus for this sermon is the New Apostolic Reformation. Unfortunately under the banner of Christianity, we have many who are false shepherds. They are not feeding the flock as Jesus commands, but they are fleecing it and pulling the wool over their eyes. Now, we know this has been happening to a large degree in terms of money – there are some preachers who have become extremely wealthy as a result of deceptive practices - but my focus today is spiritual deception. Because what some preachers are attempting to do is rob Jesus of His glory and transfer it to themselves. In the process, they are not giving spiritual truth to the flock, they are lying in order to promote themselves.

Video 12

ABC News in America ran an article in early November. Amongst other things, it claimed this:  Although the full extent of the movement is unclear, experts who spoke with ABC News warned that the ideology of Christian nationalism threatens American democracy.  So friends, because the phrase “Christian nationalism” is becoming increasingly prevalent in the halls of power and the nightly news, it is time to address this issue.  What is Christian nationalism and what does it mean for the church? 

Video 13

Watch yourself!  Wow, that brings back memories.  If you were a misbehaving child, it may have been a common refrain in your household.  But in the context of today’s message, I say it not in order to scold you, but to motivate and warn you.  You see, as Christians, we have become so accustomed to thinking only of heaven as our destination, that we have completely overlooked what heaven will be like and what will occur there.  Warren Wiersbe put it well when he said, “For the Christian, heaven isn’t simply a destination; it’s a motivation.”  Now, many will rightly argue that it is not possible for us to fully know what heaven will be like.  That is true – Scripture has not revealed the full extent of what we can expect.  But nor is Scripture silent altogether, particularly as it concerns rewards for faithful service. 

Video 14

At some point in the past, worship music changed. It became less about worshipping God and more about putting forward a culturally friendly style of worship which would put people in the seats and money in the offering bags. Sadly, doctrinally rich songs have given way to cheap substitutes. The Laodicean era church does not recognise this because it is lukewarm and it will accept into its midst that which is hot and cold – because it doesn’t discern. Here, we examine the wolves in the wavelengths - music which diverts the saved away from edification and the sinner away from the message of salvation.

Video 15

After the rapture of the church, an unholy trinity will arise and with it, a cruel system of surveillance and control. Through this unholy trinity, the devil will make a furious effort to gain power and establish his kingdom upon the earth. He knows nothing better than to imitate God. Since God has succeeded by means of an incarnation and then by means of the work of the Holy Spirit, the devil will work by means of an incarnation in Antichrist and by the unholy spirit. What do we see which indicates this system is coming together and how should the believer react?

Video 16

On 12 December 2022, a shooting occurred in the small rural area of Wieambilla.  Three landowners, two police officers and a neighbour were all shot.  When Queensland Police fronted the media to explain the motive, we were told that, "What we have been able to glean from that information is that the Train family members subscribe to what we will call a broad Christian fundamentalist belief system known as premillennialism.  It’s a belief system that comes from Christian theology."  So, Queensland Police have not only proposed correlation, but causation between terrorism and premillennialism.  As a result, Pastors, Christians and churches who teach premillennialism may now find themselves on a police watchlist.  

Video 17

As we stand on this immense spiritual battlefield, we see the casualties growing. These are not physical wounds - they are spiritual wounds. There are many things that cause wounds in the life of the believer and because the church should be a place of healing not hurt, we must ask - are we doing enough to tend to our wounded?

Video 18

The Bible has much to say about our union with Christ which may have overlooked.  In this two-part series, we will study the steps of the ancient Jewish marriage and see why our blessed union with our Bridegroom is shown in parallel themes to the Jewish wedding of old. 

Video 19

In part two of our series, we explore the wonderful time when the Lord will call us home to be with Him.  But what follows is, as described in the Book of Revelation, the marriage and marriage supper of the Lamb.  How did the ancient wedding steps of contract, consecration, consummation and celebration mirror the rapture and our future union with Christ?  Join Pastor Dean Dwyer as we journey through the Scriptures and understand how God clearly laid out His plan in wedding analogy. 

Video 20

Some people struggle to understand how a gracious and loving God could bring down such wrath upon the world in the form of the Tribulation Period judgements.  Well, in part 1 of this series, we are going to examine the reasons for God’s wrath and demonstrate that His righteousness demands that He must judge the world.  

Video 21

Some people wrongly see a contradiction between God’s love and His wrath, which is why many incorrectly hold to a view that the Old Testament God is full of wrath and the New Testament God is full of love.  There is no contradiction between God’s love and God’s wrath.  Do you know why?  Because both are needed in order to deal with human sin.   In part 1 of this series, we looked at God's wrath in the past and present.  In part 2, we will look ahead to the Tribulation Period and focus on a group of people called "the earth dwellers". 

Video 22

In the third and final instalment of our Wrestling with Wrath series, we explore the connection between the book of Hebrews, the propitiation of God's wrath and the mercy seat from the Ark of the Covenant.

Video 23

If you want to be a believer who stands on God’s truth, who proclaims God’s truth and who lives out God’s truth you will be persecuted. Do not back away from the truth because it is unpopular to those around you – the truth often is. You are likely to be hated for speaking the truth and soon, possibly jailed for it. But remember this: truth sounds like hate to those who hate the truth.

Video 24

After Satan broke mankind's connection to fixed truth, he worked hard to invert the truth, creating social and moral chaos.  In this sermon, we examine the history of Satan's strategy and how that plays out in the world today.  Is there any hope?  Yes there is. 

Video 25

In this video, we see how Satan has distorted certain parts of creation which give a clear witness to the existence and sovereignty of God. The goal? To distort the witness of God so much that people stop seeking Him. Therefore, it must be the work of the church to provide the undistorted truth, combat the lies of the enemy and point people to the Redeemer.

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