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Accelerationists put the brakes on unity.

This week we continue our examination of those forces currently engaged in violent agitation throughout the United States of America. Our focus this week is a group referred to as Accelerationists. Though you may not have heard the term, you have certainly seen it in action. Brenton Tarrant, who perpetrated the mass shooting at mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, espoused key concepts of accelerationism in his manifesto.

Largely active online rather than in person, they have advanced a raft of conspiracy theories, disinformation and hateful propaganda accusing Jews of starting the virus and migrants of spreading the virus. Accelerationists believe that the social upheaval they promote (which is viewed as a necessary prelude that will usher in the rebuilding of society on the basis of white power) has been made plausible by the scenes of illness and death dominating the headlines.

Accelerationists believe that a race war is not only inevitable, but desirable, as they believe it is the only path to achieving white power by bringing about the downfall of current systems of government. They call for the expulsion or extermination of Jewish people, ethnic and racial minorities and white “race traitors” (a category that includes race-mixing white women, academics, journalists and politicians).

Proponents of accelerationism believe an act of mass violence by a single individual (a “lone wolf”) or small cell can trigger their desired race war. Such attacks are intended to force the white population to recognise their “true” enemy, join a revolutionary uprising and destroy the political system. But these cells are difficult for law enforcement to penetrate due to the fact that they operate without centralised leadership.

What defines white supremacist accelerationists is their belief that violence is the only way to pursue their political goals. To put it most simply, accelerationists embrace terrorism. Accelerationists aren’t part of a new movement. They’re just an iteration more inclined toward terroristic violence that the world has now been facing since the rise of radical Islamic terrorism in the 1970’s. It is therefore deeply ironic that one group of Accelerationists in the US calls their group “The Base”. Why the irony? Al-Qaeda, the notorious terrorist entity once headed by Osama bin Laden, is Arabic for “the Base”.

One accelerationism proponent made his views very clear when he said, “We advocate political terror and murder against Jews and politicians among other things. We have accepted that the (((system))) cannot be saved, rather it must be destroyed. In order to accelerate the inevitable collapse of the Jewish nightmare society we must not follow the rules of the (((system))) but act against it.” Now, if you are questioning why I am using brackets in a strange way all of a sudden, it is a direct transcription of the statement. The group uses an anti-Semitic “echo” – a triple parentheses symbol employed to mark someone as Jewish or an organisation as being allegedly controlled by the Jews.

Of course, we condemn the views and actions of the Accelerationist movement in the strongest possible terms. God desires peace and unity throughout the world, not division and violence. We detest racism in all its forms. Every person – no matter the race or colour is enormously precious in the eyes of God. Lies perpetrated by such movements only deepen the race divide when so many are working very hard to eliminate racism in all its forms.

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