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Activists continue to target Christianity

We were warned years ago that granting special rights to homosexuals and destroying the institution of marriage would open a Pandora’s Box. Since fake marriage was legalised in Australia the persecution of Christians and others has steadily increased, something that most sensible people have found disconcerting. Christians, Christian schools and Christian churches are all being specifically targeted.

Back in 2019 a Christian school in Victoria was taken to court because of its adherence to what the Bible teaches on human sexuality. The ensuing lawsuit cost this small school a vast sum of money, and there have been many other cases like it. An article that appeared at the time concluded with these words: “Today it is Ballarat Christian College. Tomorrow it will be another Christian institution – a school, church, pastor or priest. This will not end until all contrary voices are forever silenced. We tried to tell you, but too many folks shut their eyes, closed their ears and turned off their ability to think critically. Now we are all paying the price. At this rate, it would seem that all remaining true believers will be learning about the joys of prison ministry.”

The most recent example was in Queensland, and both the secular and religious media followed this closely. A Christian School in Brisbane stood up for Christian values. Citipointe Christian College came under enormous fire for requiring parents to sign a contract with new clauses around gender identity and sexual orientation; clauses that Christians believe and have done for thousands of years. Secularists and leftists were both shocked and surprised that a Christian institution should actually stand up for Christian beliefs and practices. Queensland Education Minister Grace Grace declared her 'shock and horror' after discovering a Christian college that actually believed Christian teaching, and that they had the gall to transparently circulate their basic Christian doctrines on their website. “We really didn’t believe it at first” said the clearly shaken Education Minister. How dare they expect that students and staff at a Christian school would have to hear Christian teachings and practice Christian beliefs!

Queensland University of Technology senior law lecturer Dr Alex Deagon told The Courier-Mail the move by Citipointe was legal under Section 38 of the federal Sex Discrimination Act as it stands. The section states it is not unlawful for educational institutions established for religious purposes to discriminate against people in certain circumstances on the basis of their sex, sexual orientation or gender identity.

The Australian Christian Lobby has also weighed into this: “The pressure on Christian schools has been increasing for a while – and now it has reached boiling point. A school in Brisbane has been under fire for seeking to maintain its religious values. Activists want Christian schools to abandon biblical truth: they’re taking online signatures from all over the world to smear Christian schools and erode their values. You and I must take a stand to support Christian schools.”

Over the years there has been one case after another where Christians – and others – have being persecuted and bullied simply for standing strong on what they believe about such matters. There is no room for a little give and take here. The activists want complete compliance and capitulation – or else.

All over the Western world the sexual revolutionaries are actively targeting Christians. It is a deliberate and diabolical strategy. Consider what American Christian commentator Rod Dreher has just written about this: “I had an extraordinary telephone conversation with a friend who is a senior state leader in a nationally prominent Evangelical denomination, one that is conservative on LGBT issues. He'd just returned from a conference, and said: 'I think you need to know what the next front in the culture war is. Pastors in five different churches in the southern region of my state reported at the conference the same phenomenon. They have had strangers come and join their congregations, and six months or so later come out as transgender and demanded their rights as official members of the congregation. It has happened to so many of these churches – in the same period of time – that they believe it is part of a concerted effort to undermine those churches'.

“I don’t have permission to give identifying details of the denomination and the particular state, but my friend told me that there is serious concern among the denomination’s lawyers that these undercover trans activists have found a legal way to force these congregations to capitulate on transgender issues or face ruinous lawsuits. Many of these churches don’t have a lot of money: if they're sued, they won’t have enough resources to defend themselves. Some of these pastors are barely able to understand gender fluidity as a concept, much less figure out how to deal with it from a faithfully Christian point of view.

“He went on to say that most of the people in his denomination believe that being a Christian is mostly about holding to certain cultural beliefs (including politics) and being nice. They can’t understand why people don’t like them, and they think that if they’re nice they’ll win people over. He has tried to explain why this isn’t true, but most of the leaders in his denomination don’t want to believe it. In ten years, this church is going to look very, very different.”

There has been a concerted effort to undermine Christianity for many years now. The trouble is that those opposing Christianity have been actively waging war while the church at large has been asleep. The spiritual war is intensifying because the Lord’s return is near. But the church will be an ineffective last days’ witness if it resembles a sleeping battalion of soldiers.

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