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Boogaloo or boogeymen?

This week we continue our examination of various groups agitating for social and political change in the United States. Under the microscope this week is a group referred to as the Boogaloo Boys (also spelt Boogaloo Bois). The group’s name is a reference to a poor 1984 film called Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo. Therefore, the phrase Electric Boogaloo has since become an online meme meaning a low-quality sequel. But rather than being a non-violent caricature of the ills of society, Boogaloo Boys seek armed conflict with authorities, something akin to a second US Civil War.

As the group is largely co-ordinated through online means, many social media companies have taken to banning the terms Boogaloo Boys and Boogaloo Bois. However, in order to evade restrictions, new terms such as “Big Igloo”, “Boog” and “Big Luau” are also frequently used. Some in the movement also refer to themselves as “boojahideen”, a parody of the term “mujahideen”, which is frequently used to refer to radical Islamic militants.

Followers hold a variety of opinions but there are two fundamental beliefs:-

1. They desire an armed overthrow of the government;

2. They hold an unwavering commitment to gun ownership.

Naturally, being a libertarian movement, the Boogaloo Boys were overwhelmingly opposed to coronavirus lockdowns, which they viewed as an alarming sign of tyranny. One adherent was pictured with the slogan: “Make America Free Again”.

When anti-lockdown gatherings were held in several states in April and May, some armed members of the Boogaloo movement were seen in the rallies. Further, because the group is anti-police, in some areas they have formed a formidable alliance with Black Lives Matters protestors. Many are often easy to spot as they are often seen wearing Hawaiian shirts (a reference to their alternative name Big Luau).

Clearly accepting of the old mantra that the enemy of my enemy is my friend, members of the movement were recently arrested while trying to conspire with Hamas (the terrorist entity which runs the Gaza Strip) in order to overthrow the US Government. However, Boogaloo members involved in the conspiracy quickly discovered they were not meeting with Hamas operatives at all – they were FBI agents.

In a bizarre turn of events, Basem Naim (Hamas member and head of the Council on International Relations in Gaza) had this to say: “When we read about this, it was really shocking to connect our movement with such extremists. First of all, Hamas is a Palestinian national movement and we have limited our struggle for freedom and independence within the boundaries of Palestine and we have nothing to do outside these geographical territories. The second thing, we have nothing planned and we are not intending to plan anything against the United States.” Whether or not the first statement is true, the true motive for their swift denunciation is wrapped up in the second statement. If there was evidence to suggest a conspiracy against the US Government, that would be grounds for the US to declare war against Hamas and they certainly do not wish to feel the full force of the US military.

If this is America before the rapture, we can only imagine the chaos, violence and confusion that will result across the nation when the restraining influence is removed. We can only be ever thankful that we are not appointed to wrath, but will be removed before that time.

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