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Born or pre-born, it's still murder

As part of my role in bringing you this column and focusing on prophetically relevant events for sermons, I do a lot of reading. Over time, I have read many shocking things. So much so that in most cases, not much shocks me anymore. Unfortunately, every now and then, just as I think mankind has hit peak depravity, I read something that causes me to wonder how much lower this world can sink before God puts an end to it.

There are many ways to perform an abortion: pills that expel the baby’s body, suction vacuums and injected drugs that cause cardiac arrest. But there is only one result: death. This death should not be worth celebrating. Yet, many people do.

There is a website called, Shout Your Abortion. It is a collection of personal testimonies from women, most who are happy with their decision to proceed with an abortion. As per usual, the excuses are the same. These are some of the titles taken from the “testimonials”: it was better for the baby; not yet ready; my abortion saved me; it wasn’t the right time for a pregnancy; my body, my choice.

As if the act of murdering an unborn child is not enough, the post-abortion reactions are truly disturbing. One lady wrote: I had an abortion two weeks ago and it was [profanity] fantastic. On the short ride home, I put on a post-abortion playlist I’d made in anticipation of this moment and munched on a croissant a friend had packed for me as a post-abortion treat. Anyways, I was completely back to my regular life by the next day and even went out for drinks with a few friends the next day – you wouldn’t have guessed that I’d had an abortion just the day prior!

Worse still, a reprobate by the name of Viva Ruiz has recently created a music video entitled “Thank God for Abortion Anthem”. In the video, Ruiz stars as an “abortion pope” inside a church, complete with a choir and twerking dancers. Though we are thoroughly sickened by her “project”, media outlets are applauding her.

Ruiz believes this is a “divinely guided” project and said “I was upset about people being offended by this idea of God being all right with abortion when I know that it is true that God is all right with abortion.” Having been raised Catholic and undertaken multiple abortions herself, Ruiz infuses personal experience into her “work” and, in her words, “repurposes Catholic ritual and dogma to bring spirituality and faith to people having and providing abortions.”

In the song’s description, Ruiz proclaims, “Thank God for Abortion Anthem is a spiritual mission to affirm the sanctity of abortion having people”. Ignore the poorly constructed sentence – you can see what she means. Her twisted ideology sees sanctity in abortion. How Moloch would be proud.

She continues: “I have had two abortions, am Latinx, queer, fluid and Christian. We know that God loves us and we are blessed. Blocking access to abortion is racist, is classist, is ableist, is gender based violence.”

Women’s magazine Jezebel (an appropriate name) ran an article entitled: “Vision of God that Wants People to Access Abortion”. In an interview with Ruiz, she is reported to have said, “People who have had abortions are more holy” and that “Abortion providers are doing Jesus’ work.”

Ruiz and all who espouse her views have been infected with a sickness that only the blood of Jesus can expel. May God break the darkness of her soul and bring His glorious light instead.

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