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Climate change or climate engineering?

Close examination of relevant data allows pragmatic people to see that the notion of man-made climate change, although it may appear plausible, is not actually supported by either data or observations. There is massive fraud being perpetrated against the world’s inhabitants, with our energies and resources being channeled into the topic of climate change while a small number of people profit massively through the effects of the 2016 Paris Accords and other carbon-reduction policies, including carbon credits and trading.

The case against man-made climate change has the following foundational pillars:

The driver of climate change on earth is the sun, through sunspot cycles and the solar wind. As a result of this fluctuating solar activity there have been periods in history when the earth has been much warmer than today, such as the Medieval Warm Period. Life on earth – including human life – thrived during these times. There have also been periods when it’s been much colder, such as the Maunder Minimum in the 1600s. We are currently moving into a Grand Solar Minimum, which will reach its limit in the early 2030s. This will bring colder and wetter weather in Europe, worsening food shortages, economic contraction and population migration. In the man-made climate-change world no one’s talking about the sun: their theory and consequent models do not factor in sunspot activity.

In the man-made climate-change world we are told that world temperature changes follow the level of CO₂ in the atmosphere – if CO₂ goes up temperature goes up, and vice versa. But the problem with this theory is that there is a time lag between temperature changes and the changes being mirrored by CO₂. In other words, the temperature goes up and several hundred years later CO₂ goes up. The relationship is therefore the opposite to what we’re being told. The majority of CO₂ in the atmosphere comes from the oceans. When the temperature increases as a result of sunspot activity, it takes a long time for the oceans to heat up and to subsequently release more CO₂. Equally, when temperatures fall due to a decrease in sunspot activity the oceans slowly cool down and absorb more CO₂.

The United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is a political body cloaked as a scientific one. From the outset the IPCC has controlled the debate by limiting its charter to studying human-induced climate change, its potential impacts and options for adaptation and mitigation. In other words, before any of the science had been carried out the assumption was that man’s activity was responsible while the role of the sun and other natural processes were excluded from consideration, thus thwarting free inquiry based on reason and evidence.

Carbon dioxide is a natural gas which comprises just 0.04% of the earth’s atmosphere, and we produce only 4% of that. The effect that CO₂ has on climate is therefore totally insignificant. Rather than being the villain, CO₂ is the gas of life. Plants need it to grow and life is based on carbon and water. We are actually in a CO₂ famine at present – levels have been much higher in past centuries and life flourished as a result. Any increase in quantity (even many times over) would be beneficial, enabling plants to grow faster in green areas and more easily in arid areas.

The fifth consideration is the agenda behind the notion of man-made climate change – Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030. This is an all-encompassing program under the banner of the United Nations. Its aims sound laudable – to bring about sustainability – but in fact, when this is examined in detail along with the history of how it came about it becomes clear the agenda is to bring about total control of the world’s natural resources, including you and me. This plan involves moving the world’s population out of the countryside into smart cities, where people will own nothing and be happy under total surveillance and control. Therefore, these Agendas (and others like them) dovetail with the Great Reset agenda of the World Economic Forum, which includes the push to merge humans with computers – known as transhumanism.

In 2009 a whistleblower released emails showing how climate academia was manipulating and destroying data, along with blocking the publication of articles which didn’t support their global warming agenda. This became known as Climategate. By delving into the details we can see that the notion of man-made climate change is most definitely not supported by data and observations. The IPCC’s remit and operation – and the allocation of funds to conduct research, along with other factors – do not create a level playing field: it supports an agenda to control the world’s resources. It’s therefore critical to know that we’re entering a mini Ice Age or Grand Solar Minimum that will reach its lowest point in the early 2030s, the effect it’s having on weather and climate and what this means in terms of our energy needs and our ability to grow food in different parts of the world. If the Lord tarries, this is what we need to prepare for, yet it is not being discussed at the appropriate levels.

Let's now move on to geoengineering, which may be defined as the deliberate large-scale manipulation of the environment including weather and climate manipulation. Its basis stems from cloud seeding experiments in 1946-47, which discovered that adding dry ice (frozen CO₂) or silver iodide to clouds could aid in the nucleation of rain or snow. Development of the technology to control weather for use as a weapon of war began with that discovery and has proceeded in secret ever since. From 1967 to 1972 Operation Popeye involved cloud seeding with the intention of extending the monsoon season over the Ho Chi Minh Trail to impede transport of troops and supplies during the Vietnam War. But causing clouds to dump rain or snow more or less at will was just the first step, as was later described in the 1996 US Air Force document “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025.”

In retrospect, that document should have been cause for alarm. Since the cessation of hostilities in 1945 the US military has been single-minded in its scientific pursuits, with no sense of responsibility for the wellbeing of either civilian populations or the environment. Agent Orange – and its devastating effects on unborn babies as well as the environment – is proof of this! After learning how to make clouds produce rain or snow more or less on demand, the next technological step was to learn how to inhibit rainfall to bring drought and starvation to a perceived enemy nation. For more than thirty years experiments were conducted in the lower atmosphere (troposphere) that involved aircraft spraying undisclosed substances which left particulate trails across the sky that were seen by millions. These trails superficially resembled contrails – ice crystals formed from aircraft exhaust – but contrails are formed only in extremely humid environments with temperatures low enough to sustain the saturation vapour pressure with respect to ice, and with sufficient moisture content in the engines' exhaust gases. Contrails rapidly become invisible by evaporation, whereas particulate trails spread out to oft times briefly form artificial cirrus-like clouds before further spreading to form a white haze in the sky.

For at least fifteen years covert weather and climate modification activities have been taking place with ever-increasing frequency and scale that involve spraying pollutant particles into the troposphere. Scientists have been grossly remiss in ignoring the now near-daily and near-universal spraying of particulate pollution matter into the troposphere. Available evidence indicates it's coal fly ash, a substance containing toxins injurious to virtually all animals and plants – including us! Not only does the spraying contaminate the environment, but the aerial placement of this particulate pollution causes warming and alters weather patterns which can cause damage or injury to human health including loss of life, disrupt food production and create a pestilent-ridden environment on a global scale.

The globalists have a clear agenda – one that involves the control and depopulation of people. Yet, though they hate us, we have the hope and love of Jesus. Perhaps very soon, this world will suddenly be depopulated. Not at the hands of the globalists, but at the trumpet call when the church is raptured to meet the Lord in the air. Maranatha!

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