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Daniel Andrews and his radical gender benders

A recent survey within key Victorian electorates suggests overwhelming opposition to radical gender theory being taught in schools. Binary spokeswoman Kirralie Smith called the results 'bad news for Dan Andrews'. Nevertheless, awareness of Andrews’ radical policies remains low. Victorians are just months out from an election that incumbent premier Daniel Andrews looks set to win strongly, and gender issues are certainly not in the legacy media spotlight.

Binary Australia – an organisation dedicated to fighting against the de-gendering of society – has been out and about speaking to Victorians about key Andrews’ government policies. The four topics covered in their Victorian Campaign Survey in June were (1) voting intentions (2) gender ideology in preschool (3) gender transitioning without parental consent, and (4) biological males in female sports. Although the survey was not a well-weighted opinion poll and was drawn from a comparatively low sample of 2700 people across four electorates, it did show some indications of a change in voting intention and general attitudes towards important transgender issues.

For those who have never heard of them, Binary Australia makes the following statement: Binary as an organisation is concerned with the role that gender plays in our society. We affirm the fact that gender is binary: male and female. Our organisation aims to promote and celebrate the inherent differences between boys and girls, men and women, and we uphold the biological assertion that there are two complementary genders. Binary exists to challenge the aggressive agenda to de-gender our society in the areas of education, health, military, business, politics and the law.

The results of their survey show that support for gender ideology was extremely low among respondents, and that almost 90 percent opposed the state government’s policy to enable children to transition without parental consent. However, only one in three respondents were even aware of the policy. The survey summary therefore reports that opposition to the government’s gender-agenda is high, while awareness of it is low. Support for woke ideology is even lower! Respondents adamantly opposed schools and preschools indoctrinating children and undermining the rights of parents. Awareness of males competing in women's sports was higher than the other issues, and again voters were overwhelming in their opposition. It was clear that those spoken to want to keep women’s sport safe, fair and strictly for women.

Another finding of the survey was a general trend away from the government in voter-intention questions. In Daniel Andrews’ seat of Mulgrave the ALP’s support had declined by two percent since 2018, while the Liberal Party enjoyed a nine-point boost in voter support. While one other electorate saw Labor retain a minor one percent lead over the Liberal Party, the other two electorates surveyed saw the Liberal Party gain modest two percent to significant seven percent leads over the ALP. In each case the ALP had lost favour with voters, and in Werribee the swing was as high as nine percent. However, considering the small sample size surveyed the possibility of the statistics misrepresenting the reality is quite high. Nonetheless, if they are accurate voter intention in these four electorates seem to buck the trend of the remainder of the state, which is indicating strong support for the Andrews government.

One question that many Victorian Christians will undoubtedly be asking is “Is there a better option?” While many of the policies pursued by the Andrews’ government have been actively anti-Christian, the Liberal opposition certainly hasn’t taken a strong stand for family, faith, freedom or life. In fact, it was the Liberal Party that expelled faithful pro-life advocate Bernie Finn from its party. The Victorian Liberals also have a half-baked plan to out-green the Greens which, if implemented will simply destroy the economy and plunge the state into poverty. Since when does a centre-right political party win office by proposing policies even further to the left than its hard-left opponent?

And yet that’s what the Victorian Liberals are seeking to do. In what can only be seen as a desperate bid to remain in opposition, State Liberal leader Matthew Guy has announced an emissions-reduction target even more radical than the federal government’s. Rather than defending civil rights trampled by the Daniel Andrews government during the first wave of Covid-19 or fighting for cheap power (non-existent due to the incumbent government’s love affair with weather-dependent energy) the state's opposition leader has vowed to halve emissions by 2030. The government already has a 50 percent emissions reduction target by 2030, but its interim target has yet to be legislated. Matthew Guy has promised to write the target into law.

This is yet another reminder that the current crop of politicians throughout this country are ill-equipped to lead in any capacity – local, state or federal. It is an unfortunate fact that believers have been bullied out of politics and the results are showing. Our cities, our states and our country are all the poorer for not having strong Christian voices to offer the viewpoint of God in determining public policy. Yet, we look forward to that glorious day when weak and corruptible leaders will be stripped of their power and the Lord will rule the nations.

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