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God's egress sytem

United States Air Force personnel recall memories of the jet fighter trainer aircraft they were responsible for maintaining fifty plus years ago, which stimulates thoughts on Bible prophecy. The words of Dr. J. Vernon McGee come to the forefront of that time. Whenever he was accused of being an escapist in relation to his pre-tribulation views he would say: “ You'd better believe I hope to escape that time of God's judgement and wrath. If the house is on fire I’ll go out the door, through the window, or up the chimney. I’ll leave that burning building whichever way I can.” He would then add: “That's who Jesus Christ is – He is the Blessed Hope, and my way of escape from that future time.”

In every direction we look today we see signals that indicate that we live in a world aflame. Societally and culturally, the landscape is now so debauched that nothing short of a miracle can bring things back into a normal pattern of life with morality at its centre. The spirit of antichrist has brought about a turning of humanity’s back on God. The result is the reprobate mind of Romans 1:28 for the majority of people in the world.

Consider the gravity of the sexual revolution of the 1960s that has pulled human sexuality ever downward into some sort of insane-asylum configuration. Men can now be women and women can be men. Boys and girls are taught they can be whichever gender they decide, leaving the parents out of any decision-making. Sodom and Gomorrah levels of homosexuality is not only accepted, but embraced and championed by government leaders and mainstream media. Even worse, a large portion of so-called Christian clergy declare it all to come under the mantle of God’s love, with no condemnation. “The Bible is old-fashioned, out of tune with the times, and should be rewritten to be inclusive of all these new ways of sexuality and human behaviour” they say. Governmental and political lies reside at the heart of everything from legislation to judicial decision-making. Deceivers are on the scene as never before, just as Jesus forewarned for the end of the age while sitting atop the Mount of Olives answering his disciples’ questions about when the end would come.

One major city after another sees people vote into office individuals who are evil. San Francisco is now one of the most lawless cities in America. Drug addicts can inject themselves with heroin in plain sight of the police, thieves can walk into shops and steal up to $950 worth of products with no consequences and the homeless can set up camp anywhere they like without fear of eviction. Seattle, like most other Democrat-run cities across the US, has experienced a massive spike in crime thanks to radical, felon-first policies that have emboldened criminals like never before. In every other time in history the reaction to what is taking place in cities like San Francisco and Seattle would be an overwhelming demand for tougher policies on criminal activity, but amazingly the surge in crime has had absolutely no effect on the trend towards lawlessness. People involved in prostitution, drug use and petty theft now have an assurance that even if they are arrested, they will never see any jail time.

These moves sparked immediate outrage from police, who said the new policies will lead to more crime and shootings. The head of the New York Police Department’s largest union (the Police Benevolent Association) expressed serious concerns about the message these types of policies send to both police officers and criminals on the street. Judges and district attorneys have gone soft on crime because of their eroding moral foundation. These so-called pillars of society don’t appear to understand the basic nature of evil. They think if they just lower the standards on prosecution the crime problem will go away: their hearts have become blind to the truth.

All nations mentioned in Bible prophecy in relation to the end of Church-age human history appear to be at play at this very moment. Russia is about to assault Ukraine; Iran threatens Israel with utter destruction and the Europeans are in turmoil, becoming lockdown states as leaders like Emmanuel Macron of France become more dictatorial by the day. China is threatening all within its sphere of influence, promising to bring Taiwan back into its country even if it means war. Pope Francis embraces the dark side at every turn: he dismisses long-time clerics who refuse to accept his rewriting of the Scriptures to include homosexuality in biblical approval.

Which brings us back to Dr. McGee and the US Air Force of fifty years ago. Just as he said he would go out the door, through the window or up the chimney to escape a burning house, so pilots of those high-performance jet trainers wanted to escape certain death if they could. All jet fighters have an egress system – a means of escape. The seats in which pilots sit and in which they, with their parachutes, are strapped tightly, have what was called back then T-handles – a metal handle on each side of the seat that the pilot could grip and easily pull should the need arise. In the T-38 trainer these handles were painted bright yellow. When pulled, the canopy would release and the wind would quickly take it away. A small but powerful rocket would then eject the pilot high above the doomed aircraft. If these systems failed to work the pilot would die in the flames when the plane crashed.

We are presently on a planet that's about to crash, and like Dr. McGee any sane person would want a way to escape any such holocaust that Bible prophecy foretells. God's egress system is His Son, Jesus Christ. He is the Blessed Hope, the Saviour of the world that is aflame. He came to seek and save the lost: those who are heading down into flames if not ejected into the clouds when the Lord Jesus appears in the air to call all born-again believers to Himself.

The crash into judgement and wrath could happen at any moment. The world is aflame with all of the things we have looked at as indicators of the end times. God's escape is available to all who will grip the T-handles of God's egress system.

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