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Let them eat bugs!

Now, when you dream about going out to a nice restaurant, what do you picture? Filet mignon? Lobster? Venison? Duck? I assume that everybody has a favourite meal. And I would also assume that of your list of favourite foods, I doubt that eating insects would make your top ten. Well, like it or not, the push for all mankind to begin incorporating crickets, termites, mealworms and other insects into our diet is gaining momentum. So, what is behind this and why is there an urgency on the matter all of a sudden? Well, to understand that, you need to understand the true intention of the climate change agenda.

Back in 1976, one of the earliest meetings defining the so-called “sustainability” agenda was held during the UN Conference on Human Settlements. It was called Habitat 1 and from it came the Vancouver Declaration. The agreement argued that “land cannot be treated as an ordinary asset controlled by individuals”. Why? Because it means regulators can’t control the activities of primary production, which they believe is a large contributor to carbon emissions.

So, the only solution in their minds is for greater public control of land. But to enact their vision of sustainability, there will need to be drastic restrictions on energy, meat consumption, travel, living space and material prosperity. After all, if the World Economic Forum wants to introduce a great reset across all sectors of society, you need to reset the food supply as well.

So, freedom concerning choices on where to live, when to travel, what energy you consume and what food you eat must be taken out of the hands of each individual person in order to achieve supposed sustainability goals. To do that, some of the world’s wealthiest and most powerful corporations are working together in an effort to centralise control over food production and crush independent farmers. So on the one hand, you have governments the world over warning of critical food shortages but on the other hand, government policy is creating those shortages, as is the case in Sri Lanka and the Netherlands.

But although many would claim that sustainability practices are needed to fight climate change, the real goal is to gain control over food, agriculture and people. The goal for those pushing this agenda is not to save the planet, as they claim, but to increase control over people. Unfortunately, our farmers are bearing the brunt of this agenda even though many of those driving these policies have never set foot on a farm. Yet, because of the wealth and power they hold, they are largely shielded from the consequences that their misguided policies will have on the rest of the world. That burden, therefore, will fall to ordinary people like you and I and even more so, the already impoverished.

In short, this is about the super-rich foisting their godless values on the rest of us without caring who they starve, maim or kill in the process. They are offering bugs as a food source because globalists are deliberately destroying our food supply and the worst part is, many are voluntarily surrendering their liberties and co-operating with this evil agenda.

Climate zealots are deliberately destroying food supplies in a misguided quest to save a planet which is not at risk of destruction through climate change. In fact, predictions of climate destruction are consistently shown to be inaccurate and the reason for that is that they rely on man’s word (which is from a deceitfully wicked heart), they rely on man’s history (which wrongly teaches the theory of evolution) and they rely on man’s prophecy (which wrongly tries to prove that mankind will destroy the planet through carbon emissions). So, when your evidence is based on error, your conclusion will also be based on error.

As Psalm 50 testifies, our Father in Heaven owns the cattle on a thousand hills. He is able to provide abundantly for every person on this planet if only we would place our trust in Him. Yet, many have placed their trust in wicked men who hate mankind. The climate emergency and its so-called solution in feeding mankind insects is just one of many deceptions that godless globalists are using to gain more control in this world. Even though we do not like it, the Bible tells us that in the last days, just such a world order would come into existence with the future Antichrist at the helm.

But here is the good news. We look not for an antichrist, but to Jesus Christ. And one day, He will make all things new again and just as He does now, He will take care of our every need.

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