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Mystery Babylon

In the Tribulation Period, there is the rise of what we commonly refer to as religious Babylon, symbolised by the prostitute of Revelation 17. The major indictment against religious Babylon in Revelation 17 is its spiritual idolatry. The prostitute is identified as “Mystery, Babylon the great, the mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth” (Revelation 17:4-5). This identification of Babylon as the source of spiritual unfaithfulness takes us back to the tower of Babel, where it all started. Man will again organise in rebellion against the Creator just like at the tower of Babel.

The disappearance of hundreds of millions of Christians at the Rapture will deepen the religious confusion already evident. The great religious system that began in Babylon will return to the forefront. The church institution left on Earth after the Rapture – void of any true believers for the first time – will quickly fall into the hands of opportunists. Commentator Robert Thomas says, “She leads the world in the pursuit of false religion whether it be paganism or perverted revealed religion. She is the symbol for a system that reaches back to the tower of Babel (Genesis 10:9-10; 11:1-9) and extends into the future when it will peak under the regime of the beast.”

But the question that has come up so often amongst prophecy watchers is how we are to believe that the three major religions will set aside their differences and unite as one global force. Of course, I am referring to Christianity (which is essentially apostate Christendom following the Rapture), Judaism and Islam. Well, the three monotheistic religions do share a common patriarchal thread – Abraham. As we have touched on in the past, many of the men and women who appear in the Koran are taken from the Scriptures. Christians know him as Abraham; Jews as Avraham and Muslims as Ibrahim. It is from this commonality that a new initiative has been started: the Abrahamic Faiths Initiative.

The Initiative was inspired in part by the Document on Human Fraternity and Living Together, signed by Pope Francis and the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar in Abu Dhabi last year. President Trump also believes that peace is possible through co-operation. During his first presidential overseas visit in Riyadh, he said, “If these three faiths can join together in co-operation, then peace in this world is possible.” Further to the Initiative are plans to build an “Abrahamic Family House” on Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. This would be a multi-faith complex consisting of three separate buildings – a synagogue, a church and a mosque. A copy of the design plans are posted to the church’s Instagram account - @eiserstbaptistchurch

Of course, the co-operation is superficial as it looks for a common foundational thread. Of key concern to us is the question: what think ye of Jesus Christ? The Jews, who worship the true God, received the true promise of the Messiah but did not recognise Him. Jesus Christ brought the full revelation of the truth, revealing that God is Triune (Father, Son and Holy Spirit). Yet, the Jews reject that also, as do Muslims. Jews also reject the Deity of Jesus Christ and while Muslims revere Jesus as a prophet, they believe him to be subordinate to Muhammad. Therefore, although we seek peace with all people, we cannot do so at the expense of the truth of the Scriptures.

So, why push for this Initiative? As many UN documents show, diversity of religions and traditions has long been accused of being the main threat to human fraternity and world peace (an analysis that spectacularly omits the fact that several hundred million people were massacred in the 20th century in the name of godless communism). Therefore, world and religious leaders continue to seek an allusive peace. But if you do not worship the Prince of Peace, then peace will never come and these efforts will be doomed to fail.

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