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Now they want amnesty!?

The so-called experts, being those elites and politicians who basically brought mayhem and destruction to so much of the world in the name of 'keeping us safe', are now more or less pleading for us to just forgive and forget. With much of the mainstream media – and even some senior executives from Big Pharma – now saying that our political and medical overlords made mistakes, many are fearing backlash. And well they should! There is no way to properly estimate the price of all the carnage and catastrophe caused, not by some virus but by State overreach, overkill, fear-mongering, panic and what may well be the biggest con in human history.

With all the coercive and tyrannical measures used on the masses – draconian lockdowns and forced vaccinations that contravened one basic human-rights charter after another – the costs may never be fully known: not just financial, but in terms of human lives. How many small businesses were lost forever? How many careers ended permanently? How many were forced out of their employment? How many economies were destroyed? How many people committed suicide? How many overdosed on drugs or binged on alcohol? How many missed important medical appointments? How many young people spiralled into deep depression and despair? How many ordinary citizens who marched for basic freedoms, human rights and civil liberties were met by a determined police response complete with rubber bullets, tear gas, arrests and imprisonment? How many were like the young pregnant mother who was arrested in her own home in her pyjamas? How many were treated like fools, outcasts and pariahs for daring to 'question the science' and not just blindly run with the herd in fear and subservience? How many suffered adverse reactions or died from the rushed, experimental and improperly tested vaccines?

The above is anything but a complete list, yet our elites and politicians simply want us to forget all about it and pretend none of this ever happened. And the excuses are already starting to pour out from these folks. For example, they claim that they simply did not have all the information back then. However, many people did seem to have the information back then but they were demonised, abused, hated, treated like dirt and shouted down. Now it turns out that they were basically right all along, whether it was warning of lockdown madness, the folly of ineffectual masking or the suppression of proven medications. At the very least we are owed an apology, but instead we are hearing our elites and leaders calling for an amnesty. They want to simply be let off the hook. “Let’s just forgive, forget and move on” they say.

What they really want is our forgiveness without actually admitting they were wrong. They are publicly forgiving themselves, saying they have no blood on their hands and have nothing to be sorry for. But a piece penned by American writer Tanya Berlaga said in part: “After almost everything 'the experts' told us has been proven false they demand amnesty because of the uncertainty they were facing. Yet, back then, they denied that any uncertainty existed. Back then they claimed they knew exactly what to do. Back then they claimed that everyone who either contradicted or doubted them was spreading misinformation. They proclaimed themselves 'the science' and ordered everyone to follow their orders or else.”

We don’t need to know the future – only the past – to know that science does not require a blind following. Science involves debate, experimentation and inquiry. The so-called 'experts' and their admirers replaced real science with THE SCIENCE (also known as dogma) and every time it clashed with reality they absolved themselves of responsibility. That is not the hallmark of a good leader. A good leader admits mistakes, finds ways not to repeat them and ensures that those who were complicit in the error are held accountable for their actions. It seems the only thing faster than “the speed of science” are politicians who are determined to run away from the investigations that we trust will come.

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Nov 27, 2022

I watched a video showing an Australian government estimates hearing, and the question was asked to a leading bureaucrat, basically what defines a woman in asking if men can give birth? The fear that this man was showing in trying to diplomatically answer the question was staggering. These men and women in the majority are under orders, which is not a surprise when it can be considered that a large portion of our politicians are masons and many others are affiliated to who knows what else, although I do have my definite suspicions where all roads ultimately lead to Rome.

I am of the absolute opinion that during covid we were first-hand witnesses to a type of the strong delusion,…

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