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Prepare for some discomfort

An excellent article appeared on Bill Muehlenburg’s site recently, which bears repeating here, in part. As I said last week, the era of easy Christianity is over. If you want to live godly in Christ Jesus, persecution is coming your way. Prepare for it and pray over it:-

Especially with the new administration in the White House, we see a whole new wave of persecution, complete with purges and show trials. And there you thought the days of godless communism were over. If you dare to speak truth you WILL be purged. In case you ever wondered what it would be like to live under tyranny, well now we know.

A crackdown on conservatives and Christians is now under way, and we are quickly catching up to what we saw happening under communist rule.

Susie Dunlap Tucker Boer nicely ties all this together:

This time we are in reminds me of the era between the two world wars in Europe. During that time the Jews became the scapegoat for all the evils in society. Propaganda against Judaism was constantly being spread throughout the civilized world. “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” explained the evil plotting of Jews. Germany did take the lead, but propaganda-driven anti-Semitism in surrounding countries discouraged those outside of Germany from intervention.

Now the concerted propaganda is against “right wing conservative Christians” portraying them as racist white supremacists who are stupid and smelly on one hand and cunningly evil on the other. These conservative Christians deny climate change, they hate, they hate, they hate. Evidence not needed. Repetition is an effective tool against Christian conservatives.

Reading the biography of Bonhoeffer by Metaxas is enlightening about the era in between world wars. The era in which hatred of the Jews united a population willing to self-sacrifice to save the world from them and to promote the “master race”. Right now, disdain and mockery of Pro-Life Christians is expressed on mainstream and social media and also by neighbours with yard signs about love.

What to do? Looking back at the 1930s for insight, it seems likely that there will be confusion between the various factions, some imperfect leaders, a betrayal of the institutionalised church, and in general, lots of miscalculated moves. These are all likely to repeat themselves. In every situation, God can still be called on and can still be worshipped, if only in the interior of the mind.

Nevertheless, I think it’s a time to stock up on commodities and wisdom and telling your loved ones how precious they are. Time to memorise Bible verses and good hymns. This limbo we are in could go on a long time but we don’t know.

Yes quite right. Conservative Christians today really are the new bogeymen. We are to blame for the world’s problems, and until we are fully purged and/or re-educated into full submission, we will continue to see the crackdown accelerate and worsen.

But some of us have been warning about these very things for decades now. Whether anyone starts to listen now is a moot point.

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