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The Australian Government and its new friends

Everybody needs friends. But as your mother may have repeatedly told you, choose your friends wisely.

The Australian Government, led by Anthony Albanese (a self-described cultural Catholic), has recently decided to alienate the best friend we have in the Middle East and, in so doing, has won the praise of terrorist entity Palestinian Islamic Jihad. This has come about due to the decision to reverse Australia’s prior recognition of West Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Naturally, Israel was deeply disappointed, whilst Israel’s enemies (and ours) were overjoyed. “A courageous step and a victory for the Palestinian cause and narrative”, Palestinian Islamic Jihad claimed. But it wasn’t just the elders at Palestinian Islamic Jihad praising foreign minister Penny Wong – Hamas was also pleased with the Australian Government, welcoming the decision as “a step in the right direction”. Those who believe that God still treats His words in Genesis 12:3 very seriously would beg to differ!

When a terror group says you are taking a step in the right direction you know you are going in exactly the wrong direction. Not that the Australian government cares. We've alienated a friend and ally, but on the plus side look at all the new friends we have! If only the Taliban and Islamic State loved us like Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad now love us: but give it time. We will be sure to win them over with all the appeasement we like to dish out.

Slowly but surely the hard ideological Left of the Australian Labor Party is tightening its grip on this government. But don’t worry. Wong reassured the Jewish community that “Australia will always be a steadfast friend of Israel”. Perhaps this explains why she forgot to tell the Israeli ambassador that the government no longer recognised Jerusalem as their capital.

Who is Australia to be telling another nation where its capital should be anyway? Have we insisted this be the case in any other nation? No! How insulting to the people of Israel and to The Most High! Unsurprisingly, there has been an angry reaction from Israel and the Australian Jewish community who were blindsided by this. Perhaps underscoring the seriousness of the situation, it is the first time Israel has called in the Australian ambassador to explain our actions.

Also, there was no discussion of this during the election campaign, no public consultation, no discussion with the Australian parliament or even with the Party room caucus. The decision by the Albanese government that Jerusalem is not the capital of Israel flies in the face of the Abraham Accords and the decision of many Arab states to build closer relations with Israel. Australian foreign policy needs to be more mature in this area and aware of the new face of the Middle East. It is also disappointing that the previous Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, did not follow through with his intention to recognise a United Jerusalem and move the Australian embassy there. Perhaps this all could have been avoided had he followed through with actions rather than empty words.

Part of the problem is that people are shortsighted, with many claiming that Israel only became a nation in 1948. Yet, the history of Israel stretches back thousands of years. If only people would believe what the Bible says because it clearly states that the Jews are the covenant people of the land! We do not agree that Israel is a colonial settler apartheid state as the propaganda of Hamas asserts. Contrary to propaganda, Israel respects human rights and does not practice apartheid with Arabs, either in the Knesset or in many occupations. Additionally, Arab Israelis have the same rights as other citizens. Do not be fooled: the Palestinian Authority and the many terrorist entities surrounding Israel do not want peace with Israel – they want Israel. They want the Jews driven from the land. But it won’t happen. Because Israel is the land which God promised to the Jews.

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