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The cult of climate change and COVID

Now that the much-hyped COVID crisis appears to be calming down, the perpetually fearful mainstream media are turning their attention back to the “climate crisis”. In fact, from the ratio of news coverage, it would appear only one of two things is going to kill you – climate change or COVID. Further, it seems that previously sensible governments throughout the world are appointing radical left-wing eco-warriors to influential positions in an effort to avoid climate disaster.

The latest questionable appointee is Tracey Stone-Manning who was recently confirmed as Director of the Bureau of Land Management in the US. You see, Tracey loves trees. People – not so much. Her master’s thesis at university included the quote: We must consume less, and more importantly, we must breed fewer consuming humans. She also argued for each American family to be limited to two children and believed that cattle should not be permitted to graze on public land because they are “destroying the West”. Now, many might argue that isn’t so bad and is a somewhat mainstream view to hold in today’s climate-conscious world. However, consider an incident in which she was investigated over in 1989. To prevent logging of trees, she engaged in “tree-spiking”. This was an illegal method of preventing trees from being logged by the insertion of metal spikes into their trunks. This practice creates extreme hazards for sawyers and millworkers and has led to severe injuries, including a 23-year-old worker in California who had his jaw cut in half when his saw exploded on striking an unnoticed tree spike. It appears her husband’s views are no better. In 2020, she recommended a commentary by him suggesting that houses near a forest fire should be allowed to burn. How compassionate.

Unfortunately, the voices of the climate change cultists are growing louder and more ridiculous by the day. For example:-

· Perennial pest Bill Maher claimed, I can’t think of a better gift to our planet than pumping out fewer humans to destroy it;

· Competing New York newspapers ran columns entitled, The Case for Not Being Born and Would Human Extinction Be a Tragedy?

· Earlier this year the British edition of Vogue magazine published an article that asked rhetorically, Is Having a Baby in 2021 Pure Environmental Vandalism?;

· CNN ran with a story that mused: There’s an unlikely beneficiary of coronavirus: the planet.

Essentially, those who are pushing the climate change agenda are demanding that in the event you wish to keep on living, you will be forced to endure lower living standards in order to “save the planet”.

You will have no choice in this decision – the decision is being made for you and you will be forced to accept this agenda. For example, one of the targets at the moment is the livestock industry. Because there is a belief that too much livestock is contributing to carbon emissions, a report produced by Cambridge University academics has called for foods with so-called high carbon footprints (such as dairy and meat) to be made more expensive in order to save the planet. The report, “Changing Behaviour for Net Zero 2050” suggests that there needs to be “rapid, radical changes” to pricing in order to make normal food consumption and travel prohibitively expensive. No longer will you decide what to eat – the governing bodies will decide for you.

I mentioned in a recent sermon that the popular view is that democracy will not survive The Great Reset. And that is absolutely true when you consider the radical changes that the World Economic Forum and various climate change bodies wish to introduce throughout the world. To control your carbon footprint, authorities will need to control every aspect of your life – from what to eat, to your transport needs, to your electricity consumption and how you earn an income. Authoritarianism will be required and, make no mistake, it is coming.

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