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The Ring of Peace

Such is the volume of prophetically relevant matters that we simply can’t cover them all. However, I trust that you have your “spiritual ears” tuned and you are staying abreast of world events.

One such event that I had overlooked was a gathering that took place from 20 to 23 August 2019. It was led by the United Nations Alliance of Civilisations and was the “Religions for Peace 10th World Assembly”. It was centered around the “ring of peace”. The idea of the “ring of peace” is finding “peace and harmony” between the world’s religions so they can “work together” to achieve their “common goal” of universal peace and safety.

The supposed guiding light for the gathering was the 25-foot wooden ring-shaped sculpture referred to as the Ring of Peace. It has been put together to be a “permanent, multi-faith symbol” of interfaith cooperation. According to the creators of this modern-day idol, the Ring is supposed to represent the wheel of Buddha, the ring of the prophet Muhammed, the ring of King Solomon and Lessing’s Ring parable – a story which equates different faiths as one.

Here are some of the key remarks from His Excellency Mr Miguel Angel Moratinos, who is The High-Representative for the United Nations Alliance of Civilisations:-

· “I feel very privileged to be launching the sculpture “The Ring For Peace”, a symbolic artwork that sheds light on the theme that is gathering all of us here in Lindau, namely Peace between Religions. I thank Dr. William Vendley, Secretary-General of the Religions for Peace for inviting me. I also thank the Federal Government of Germany for co-organizing this important and timely meeting. Yesterday, I was very glad to meet with my good friend President Frank Walter Steinmeier. I echo what he said in his opening remarks that we should all work for peace and respect. I take the opportunity of this moment and invite you to commit to fulfill this recommendation “work for peace and respect.”

· “Afterall, all faiths are intertwined and interlinked together, complimenting each other and nurturing the same values that are also Universal values that unites us as One Humanity and many cultures and many religions. That is the motto of UNAOC and its raison d’etre.”

· “This Plan is elaborated in consonance with Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which affirms the right to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion, noting that this right includes the right of individuals and communities to manifest their religions and beliefs in teaching, practice, worship and observance. It is conceived as an action-oriented framework for action with suggested recommendations to support relevant stakeholders in their efforts to prevent possible attacks against religious sites and enhance preparedness to safeguard religious sites and worshippers. At the same time, this Plan is mindful that Member States have the primary responsibility in protecting their population throughout their territories.”

“Religion” will not get you to heaven. Only a personal relationship with Jesus Christ will permit you entry into the Father’s kingdom. All other roads lead straight into the Lake of Fire. Satan knows that he could never destroy spirituality in this world. Instead, he has built such a confusing mix of religions as to blind most people from the absolute truth of the Word of God and the truth of who Jesus Christ is. Let’s continue to work by revealing the darkness behind these endeavours and instead promote the Light of the World: Jesus.

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