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The Russian pro-family movement

Having put a broom through the traditional values of the West, the LGBT crowd is in a howling fury with Russia’s pro-family movement for its refusal to capitulate to their gay marriage agenda. Several years ago, the LGBT movement called for federal investigations of Americans who participated in the International Family Forum. The event was a pro-family celebration that honoured the institution that has been the backbone of virtually all societies throughout thousands of years of history. The forum drew more than 1,000 participants worldwide, including about a dozen individuals from the United States.

Many Western nations have capitulated to the LGBT movement which seeks to destroy marriage, freedom of speech, religious liberty and the traditional family structure. Emboldened by their political victories in the US, the protesters made global headlines by trying to shut down the World Congress of Families’ pro-family celebration in Australia. Sadly, they did succeed in preventing American organisations – especially the World Congress of Families – from participating in the International Family Forum in Moscow by erecting barriers and threatening retribution. However, they could not totally shut down either the Australian or the Russian events: the most they could do was to demand investigations of the American individuals who helped plan the Russian conference.

Russia Has Learned From Its Past – the Russian forum that succinctly identified the harms caused by what they call the 'sensate culture' – wrote: “The destruction of moral standards such as goodness, truth and beauty, and the destruction of faith in a created natural order that distinguishes good from evil creates a threat to the civilised existence of societies. It is time to talk, not only about the role of the family institution in the retention of humanity as a biological species, but also about the vital role of the natural family in the preservation of civilised society and ordered liberty. This is crucially important, especially given the millennial battle between civil society and barbarism, where the latter appears in a highly technological and disguised progressive form to contribute to this increasing moral chaos.”

The Russians experienced 70 years of moral chaos and horrors brought about by the Marxist-Leninist experiment. As such, they are not about to give up their hard-won grip on reality, regained by going back to their historic Orthodox roots. Their clear unswerving vision of their recent past under Communism enables them to see progressivism as a tool of secular, post-modern humanists and sexual radicals to pursue not only their own distorted economic interests, but ideological, philosophical and political interests as well.

Russian pro-family leaders recognise that the threats posed by this secular world view are so serious that the classical notions of civilised man: the human family, the true definition of marriage and normal behaviour, have to be enshrined in national constitutions. Russia’s powerful Pro-Family Movement has stated: “Whatever critiques of Putin’s foreign policy you may have, the pro-family movement in Russia is a genuine and deep phenomenon: one unrelated to foreign affairs. Intellectual dry rot has made Western intellectuals susceptible to every foolish fad: whether neo-Marxism, feminism, genderism, humanism or environmentalism. These are all the results of deconstructionism. Nowhere is this more evident than their inability to discern simple biological realities such as the difference between male and female.”

The Russians noted that behind modern humanism and its jargon hide traits of degradation and deception that would lead to the death of humanity. Such thinking, of course, is scorned by the elites who have produced our highly-distorted Western intellectual condition. The West has chosen the mush of moral relativism over the more rigorous Judeo-Christian world view. As a result, the leaders in the great universities, the media with its vast array of communications technology at its disposal and the business and government leaders of the Western world have been subjugated by one movement after another. First, they were swayed by feminism’s flimsy claims that men and women are interchangeable: more recently by LGBT claims that gender is a social construct and that we must give up real-world designations of male and female bathrooms and even 'father' and 'mother' on birth certificates.

Many in the West have read extracts of Russian history, but we know little of what is embedded in the DNA of Russians as a result of their first-hand experiences of surviving one tragedy after another. Napoleon’s half-million strong army reached Moscow but was turned back in defeat by the flames that consumed the city and the deadly cold of the Russian winter. Hitler learned nothing from Napoleon’s folly: he had no comprehension of how tenaciously the Russians would defend their Motherland. They sacrificed millions to the Germans’ advanced weaponry in order to defend their country.

Janice Shaw Crouse Ph.D. – a recognised authority on the United Nations, domestic, cultural and women’s concerns – makes this comment: “In the US we have Clinton, Obama and the LGBTIQ zealots. This crowd slanders pro-family Russian leaders who understand the real threat to their homeland, fully aware of the depopulation and demographic winter that follow when natural families fail to flourish. Then come the Human Rights campaigners and those who demonise anyone who dares to speak truth on these fundamental issues. Meanwhile, radical Islamists attack the decadent West with its vast technological superiority but moral and spiritual bankruptcy. They have decided they can beat us with suicide bombers, and as long as we are led by people who not only fail to recognise the foundational strength of families led by mothers and fathers, then perhaps they are right.”

Today, after 80 years of the horrors of life under Communism, Russia is working to restore family as the foundation of its culture and the means of its national survival. Meanwhile, it remains to be seen how much stomach the West has left for a fight for survival. Russia’s unblinking repudiation of the blight and sorrows of its Marxist experiment is a miracle. The nation will not capitulate to western LGBT fascism without a fight.

If a man also lie with mankind, as he lies with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: (Leviticus 20:13)

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