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The war on morality, normality and rationality

Like most Western nations, Australia is going through a period where there is a lack of leadership in the conservative space. This is a real problem, because as time goes on, we are witnessing the progressive agenda permeate throughout our societies without any real opposition from conservative political parties. Unfortunately for our children, the biggest battleground is our schools.

In the past, our education system prioritised learning. Now, it prioritises diversity, equity and inclusion, without any thought for the fact that those kids who refuse to affirm those principles are now excluded from the social fabric of our school communities just because they share an opposing view. Perfectly reasonable religious and moral differences are being framed as discriminatory and/or intolerant and a new vocabulary is being introduced which is categorising people as either allies or enemies.

As one Victorian politician (who is a former teacher) said: “I discovered that school policies and curriculums had been radically altered to remove almost every child-safeguarding standard that we had. Primary school children were being subjected to erotic sexual content. Female students no longer had the right to single-sex sports teams, toilets or change rooms. Teachers – like me – were being forced to secretly lie to parents about their children who were secretly living one gender at school and another gender at home. I realised then that my teaching career was over because I simply wouldn’t ever do the things I was being asked to do. I would never ask the class which sexual experiences they’d had and which they were willing to do. I would never tell girls to bind their breasts. I would never accuse gay students of being transphobic. I would never tell my female students they had to tolerate a male teacher supervising their change room. And I was never ever going to lie to parents about what was going on their own children at school. But I also knew that if I spoke out that I was going to be vilified and that I would never work in a public school again. And that is exactly what happened.”

Predictably, the hard-left Victorian Premier (Daniel Andrews) and the State’s left-leaning newspaper pilloried this brave woman, accusing her of promoting extremist views. But there was nothing extremist in her demands. She simply called on the Victorian government to amend the law in three ways: First – to protect sex-based rights to preserve female-only change rooms, sports and other activities while maintaining the safety and dignity of transgender people. Second: to make it illegal for children to be present in brothels. Third: to make it legal for parents and clinicians to seek treatment that alleviates gender dysmorphic feelings in children.

To fully understand how sinister things have become in our schools (remembering that all Australian States and Territories have left-leaning Labor governments apart from New South Wales) we need to read about a Christian father’s discovery when walking his daughter to her primary school. He was surprised to see, when walking past the school office, a sign on the office door from the organisation Minus18 that read: “All Sexualities, Genders, Identities and Cultures Welcome Here.” His daughter was quite a good reader even though she was only six, and she asked him about it. After a week or so he decided to meet with the Principal in the hope of raising the issue of sexualising the children and to obtain a fair hearing on the matter. However, before he could do so, it became apparent that although he thought he’d only come to speak about that one poster, he would be dealing with issues of much greater significance. In the main office were multiple signs from the LGBTQI+ movement, a giant rainbow flag hanging on the wall, multiple posters encouraging visitors to watch “Gayby Baby”, and signs encouraging kids to be an “ally”.

Eventually, the Principal came out to meet him and take him into her office. He quickly realised he wasn’t going to be having a chat with someone open to hearing him, but with one who appeared to be a “rainbow warrior”. Her desk was draped in a rainbow flag. Her noticeboard was covered in LGBTQI+ pamphlets and posters and in the middle of them all was the Tasmanian State Premier, proudly imploring him to become an “ally”. Not only was she sexualising primary school children, her office appeared to have been designed to show that she did so with the backing of the government, all the way up to the Premier. Had it been a secular club full of adults making up their own minds about how to live their lives in 21st-century Australia he would have expected LGBTQI+ information. He would also have expected that, as a Christian with Biblical views, he’d be in the minority. But this was a school – a primary school – and it’s the task of parents to impart values and morals to their children not the education system (or indoctrination system as it now appears).

Predictably, the meeting wasn’t a particularly good one. The parent admitted to not having been as prepared as he needed to be and was outmaneuvered as a result. The Principal didn’t agree that the poster in question was inappropriate, nor did she believe it sexualised children. He did secure a verbal agreement that she would take the sign down and erect a new sign that said “All Sexualities, Genders, Identities, Cultures and FAITHS Welcome Here” but even after two weeks had passed the sign remained unchanged, though the Minus18 logo was taped over.

Throughout the world, ruling atheistic governments are using the school system to indoctrinate a new generation of children to rebel against their parents and against God. One Christian parent in China said this, “Before starting school, I told my child about God’s creation, and he believed it. But after being taught at school, my child is like a different person. In atheistic China, these pure and innocent children have been taught to hate God.” As one poster in China read: “Be grateful to the Party, obey and follow the Party.” It seems that Australia is on a similar path to communist control – a future in which the government will have the final say over what you believe. May God help us to avoid such a future and may He raise up pastors, teachers and politicians to stand up for His truth.

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