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The WHO and their pandemic tyranny

There is worldwide outrage and concern about the latest attempt at globalist power grabs which will turn the concept of national sovereignty into a sick joke. The plan to revise the International Health Regulations (IHR) of the World Health Organisation (WHO) is one of the biggest threats we face in terms of freedom and democracy.

There is so much that can be said about this monstrous and diabolical plot. This is especially the case when our 'big three' political parties – the LNP, Labor and the Greens – appear to be quite happy about ceding authority to the WHO, Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum and to globalists like Bill Gates who back both organisations. Many freedom fighters from around the globe have voiced their concerns about this frightening move. Let's begin with Mat Staver of the US-based Liberty Council, who said this about the nefarious initiative:

“Recognising the International Health Regulator’s threat to US sovereignty, former President Donald Trump stopped sending US taxpayer dollars to the World Health Organisation and began the process of withdrawing America from the UN. Globalist billionaire Bill Gates countered by pledging to replace the lost American income to the tune of 250 million dollars. Upon taking office in 2020 Joe Biden reversed President Trump's decision and rejoined the UN. Now he wants to cede sovereignty to the WHO, which is ideologically aligned with Communist China and the Gates Foundation. However, it was not enough for Biden to simply rejoin the WHO: on January 18 his administration delivered thirteen pages of proposed changes to its IHR charter. Biden did not consult Congress. In fact, Americans would not even know about the proposed amendments had it not been for an independent researcher who discovered the scheme and raised an alarm on April 12.

“Because the US had already signed on to the IHR agreement in 2005, the Senate is not required to approve IHR amendments. This will be the globalists’ dream and every American's nightmare! One of the shocking amendments Biden put forward adds nearly an entire new chapter (article 53) to the IHR agreement, establishing a previously non-existent 'Compliance Committee'. Upon threat of being dragged to the World Court’s arbitration unit (where steep fines and sanctions can be imposed) member states are required to report IHR compliance measures to this committee, which will monitor each nation’s 'progress' with IHR directives. The committee 'shall strive to make its recommendations on the basis of consensus', but consensus is not required to force the WHO’s will on a member state. Bill Gates is WHO’s second-highest funder, exceeded only by the US. The Gates Foundation regularly donates up to 500 million dollars per year, and you can bet Gates or his surrogate will sit on that committee!”

Here in Australia, Alexandra Marshall from the Australian Spectator wrote some very important pieces on all this. In one article she wrote: “The ‘new normal’ of medical fascism is coming regardless of how Australians voted at the federal election. Having acquired a taste for global control during the Covid pandemic, the World Health Organisation has teamed up with vaccine manufacturers, philanthropic billionaires and power-crazed world leaders to create a Global Pandemic Treaty in Geneva. It is set to form part of the ‘one health’ approach proposed by the WHO and has been pitched by its creators as a way to overcome the inconvenient battle between globalism and state-ism. In June 2021 Scott Morrison commented on the proposed treaty, saying: “It’s essential that we strengthen global disease surveillance and provide the World Health Organisation with the authority and the capacity to perform this important task for all the peoples of the world. If we are to deliver on this ambitious reform agenda, then we must work together and put other issues aside.”

You read this correctly. The same Prime Minister who attempted to escape criticism by saying there’s no such thing as vaccine mandates is now champing at the bit to grant the WHO absolute control over the health choices of Australian citizens! It amounts to extending similar emergency powers to the WHO that Daniel Andrews gifted himself in Victoria, except Australians can’t vote the WHO out of power. As for Labor, they have laid down at the feet of the WHO, tummies up and paws in the air like dogs waiting for a rub. If Scott Morrison or Anthony Albanese sign this treaty, it will represent a seismic shift in everything we thought we knew about democracy. It is likely the treaty will make it possible for a foreign bureaucracy with unacceptably close ties to China to call the shots – literally – on global public health. Universal healthcare was meant to be a voluntary safety net, not a stepping stone to international socialism or the dissolution of body autonomy. That said, the wheels are already falling off, with questions being raised about whether it will be a treaty in a legal sense after sections of the WHO Constitution were re-worded. Whoever the next Prime Minister of Australia is he will be ready to sign, absolving himself of the 'bother' of responsibility. It is a dream come true for weak leaders who would love nothing better than to let the blame for the next pandemic and the accompanying citizen outrage rest safely offshore.

In a later article Alexandra writes: “It beggars belief! After 2½ years in which a cohort of left-leaning politicians, elite bureaucrats, over-zealous health officials and opportunistic drug manufacturers cajoled, harangued, bullied and used police brutality to force many of us into locking ourselves down for months on end in our homes, closing our children’s schools, abandoning our elderly and frail relatives to suffer alone without family affection, losing our jobs, bankrupting our businesses, trashing our investments, compromising our mental health, wearing largely-pointless masks and taking unproven medical treatments frequently against our better judgement, those most responsible for the authoritarian excesses and abuses of the Covid-19 era now wish to further encourage such activities with a World Health Organisation global pandemic treaty. One hundred and ninety-four nations – representing 99% of the world’s population, including our own – are expected to sign pandemic treaties with the WHO that would allow its Director General to dictate exactly how these nations should respond to any new disease outbreak which they consider a pandemic.

The Covid pandemic and its aftermath have taught us one invaluable lesson: too much power in the hands of unelected officials and unaccountable bureaucracies results only in bad (even deadly) decision-making. It is increasingly clear that nations and states such as Sweden and Florida, which took a more sceptical approach to implementing strict Covid restrictions and trusted in the choices of individuals rather than imposing draconian, one-size-fits-all measures from on high, have fared no worse and sometimes even much better than others.

The understandable fear of many is that if the aspirations of those behind this treaty and its amendments are realised – gifting the WHO the legal power to impose at will pandemic restrictions of their own design upon any nation, state or community – then when the next pandemic comes around we could be looking at Daniel Andrews-style lockdowns and police brutality being imposed on us willy-nilly by an unelected global authority. Our government – State or Federal – should never have the power to force a medical procedure without our consent, and an unelected international organisation most certainly should not! This brazen proposal shows the WHO is not fit for purpose, cannot be trusted and does not operate with Australia’s sovereign interests in mind. Australia must immediately exit the WHO and maintain our sovereignty.

This attack on national sovereignty will come as no surprise to those who for years have listened to elites like Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates discussing their vision for the centralisation of power into globalist organisations like the World Economic Forum, the World Health Organisation and the United Nations. No longer a distant dream, they have used the Covid crisis to full effect, ensuring that power falls into the lap of people that are dogmatically attached to their cause. The trouble is, this cause will not benefit humanity – it will only further enslave it.

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