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Theragrippers. Coming to a swab near you?

In today’s world, language matters. In fact, language is often weaponised, particularly by those who hold a certain (ie usually mainstream) view and are frustrated by those who hold an opposing view (the vitriol during the same-sex marriage debate demonstrated this, as has the issue of euthanasia, currently scheduled to be decided in Queensland parliament this year). At the moment, people are focused on impending COVID vaccinations and the ruling authorities and self-appointed cultural leaders are keen to know your response. At present, people have been split into three camps – those who will gladly take the vaccine (and are being praised for it), those who are opposed to the vaccine (and are being demonised because of it) and those who are vaccine hesitant (and who will become subject to relentless campaigns trying to convince them the vaccine is safe).

For the most part, COVID testing is undertaken via a PCR test (polymerase chain reaction). PCR testing is relatively new, having only been developed in 1983. The American CDC claims PCR testing is the “gold standard” for determining if a person has the virus, yet recent studies show as many as a whopping 30% of the tests are inaccurate. Alarmingly, false negatives seem to be much more common that false positives, meaning that a good proportion of people who tested for COVID probably did have the virus, but the result was inaccurate. This goes some way to explaining why ruling authorities will not relent on mask and social distancing guidelines – they know (but rarely admit) that the data they rely on is wildly inaccurate.

Now that you have some context from the opening paragraphs, let me introduce you to the point of this article – possible vaccination by stealth. In 2019 the World Health Organisation (whose reputation has now tanked) listed vaccine hesitancy as a top ten threat to global health. Since a good proportion of the world is now suspicious about the COVID vaccine, the WHO and ruling authorities are now panicking (and spending tens of millions of dollars) trying to convince every person on the planet to accept the so-called “safe vaccines”. As a side note, any company using mRNA technology in a “vaccine” is not technically a vaccine – it is a gene therapy. But, more on that another time.

In the US a remarkable 40% of healthcare workers indicated they were on the fence or opposed to receiving a COVID vaccine (or gene therapy). Now, I don’t know about you, but when healthcare workers are opposed to some form of medical treatment, I tend to pay attention. But not to be deterred, some are starting to speak about vaccination by stealth. Back in November, Johns Hopkins University in the USA published information on tiny, star-shaped microdevices known as “theragrippers”. These microdevice chips made of metal and “thin, shape-changing film” are coated in heat-sensitive paraffin wax that is sent into the body unnoticed (remember this – unnoticed). So small are these chips that each is no larger than a speck of dust. Once inside the body, the star-shaped devices respond to heat by closing up and affixing themselves onto the intestinal wall with little prongs. The centres of these now-closed stars are then able to deliver whatever drug was implanted inside of them. Essentially the technology mimics the way the parasitic hookworm affixes itself to an organism’s intestines. Therefore, once the theragrippers are injected into the body, there is nothing you can do to stop them.

My question is this – should vaccine hesitancy persist, might the Government require people to take a regular PCR test instead? But what if the dust-sized theragrippers were spread all over the swab? You would then have just been vaccinated by stealth, unnoticed. It may be utterly immoral (and likely illegal) but it is certainly feasible and if governments become desperate, might they do it?

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