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Wake up the mighty men...prepare for war!

The United States of America has suffered two devastating surprise attacks in recent history. The first at the hands of the Japanese at Pearl Harbour and the second at the hands of radical Islamists through the 9/11 terror attacks. However, many believe a third is coming, this time at the hands of the Chinese, who are becoming increasingly belligerent.

Although the previous two attacks mentioned have been crudely carried out through the use of suicide pilots, many experts fancy that the third will be through what is widely known as an EMP attack. In fact, many refer to the event as an “EMP Pearl Harbour”. However, it is not just China who is working on this technology. Russia, Iran and North Korea are all thought to either possess or will shortly possess the technology needed to launch an attack.

EMP is the acronym for electromagnetic pulse and is essentially a wave of electromagnetic radiation. An EMP does not directly hurt people, but an EMP interacts with power lines, metal, conductive materials and electronics to cause power spikes. In very large events, an EMP can cause electronic systems to fail. An EMP attack is such a threat as it has the ability, if carried out successfully, to cripple the US economy and its military. On a personal level an EMP would destroy all electrical equipment in your home such as microwaves, televisions, computers and mobile phones.

The threat has been around for some time, but political leaders have largely ignored it. In fact, technically, the threat of EMP has been around since the first nuclear bomb due to the fact that all nuclear detonations emit an EMP field However, when Donald Trump became President, the White House started to take the threat seriously. On 26 March 2019, President Trump issued the Executive Order on Co-ordinating National Resilience to Electromagnetic Pulses.

Protection of systems against an EMP attack is a laborious and expensive process, which is largely why many Western nations have not bothered to do it. In fact, it is likely the case that no sane nation-state has attempted to send the US back into the 19th century due to the massive deterrence capabilities the US possesses through second-strike nuclear capabilities from nuclear submarines and trusted allies holding nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles.

To any nation looking to simply take control and occupy another nation, an EMP is an attractive tool of war. Unlike traditional nuclear weapons which contaminate soils for up to 300 years with radioisotopes, EMP’s will still have the desired effect of causing mass starvation, chaos and economic collapse, while preserving the natural resources and farmland. This is due to the fact that the weapon is detonated above the target at high altitude. Essentially, the higher the altitude that the weapon is detonated at, the wider the affected area.

The effects of an EMP attack on a modern society are difficult to overstate. You essentially have to imagine a world where each of the items you know to be electronic simply stop working. Cars built since 1980 would stop working instantly. Planes will fall out of the sky. Phones and laptops will be fried. Hospitals wouldn’t be able to operate. Looting and violence would begin immediately and it would be every person for themselves. America would simply cannabilise itself. With an impotent military, the Chinese could simply stage a ground invasion to kill of any remaining resistance, opening America up to be colonised.

As Joel 3:9 predicted, the mighty men are indeed waking up to war.

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