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Weaponising food supplies

With globalist puppets in control of every Western nation brace yourself for their next diabolical move: the manipulation of food supplies.

Global power elites want everything to collapse because they need fear and disorder to finish their task of getting everyone inoculated with the track-and-trace mechanism they call “vaccines.” Getting everyone vaccinated is a prerequisite for the first phase of the Great Reset of civilisation. This new civilisation will replace the 2,000 years of Judeo-Christian biblical moral codes with those of man-centred gene editing, artificial intelligence, man-made immunity and a new way of defining justice and equality, all of which will lead to misery and death. The society envisioned by global technocrats is one of total surveillance and control over everybody. Those which they cannot tag, track, trace and monitor they plan to incarcerate or eliminate. They want to own or control everything of value, both living and non-living. To them, you are just a number.

Once vaccine mandates are approved – and implemented with brutal speed and efficiency – the supply chain will collapse. Then the blame game will begin. The government and its mass-media propaganda machine will blame all of this self-induced pain – the scarcity of food, the lack of fuel and shoddy healthcare – on the unvaccinated. Christians and Jews who resist will be targeted with special ferocity. Just as the Germans turned on the Jews as the cause of their economic hardship after World War I, the vaccinated will be all too eager to have a scapegoat on which to turn their anger. These people were for the most part the blind ones, the ones who never saw anything nefarious in the draconian Covid rules, never saw the corruption, the greed and the utter falsity of the narrative that underpinned this entire scamdemic from the outset.

For those who aren’t aware, China is not giving its people the mRNA experimental vaccines. This gene therapy is being reserved, at least for now, primarily for the formerly free nations of the Western World – the US, Canada, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand. The plan is to ensure that every man, woman and child is vaccinated and to connect their vaccine history to a new global ID system. Moderna, on its own website, describes its “vaccine” as a device that works very much like a computer operating system, which requires a certain number of updates before it becomes fully operational inside the human body. Should we be surprised that the CEO of Moderna recently announced that a fourth booster could be necessary? The UK and South Korea have already ordered the fourth booster while Israel is presently administering it to its people.

The truth is, these booster shots were always meant to be continuous. Along with masks, boosters are the ritual sign of submission to the new global system. But here’s the bad news for the global predators who are so frantically pushing this mass-genocide, which they cloak in Orwellian language like “safe and effective” and “life-saving vaccines.” The problem for them is that after more than a year of flooding countries with saturation propaganda, only about 60 percent of Americans have received two doses of the serum and less than 35 percent have received a booster. And while the entire Western civilisation is the target of this genocide, America is the real prize. If America falls, no other nation will be able to withstand what is coming. The force of global tyranny now under way is more formidable than Hitler’s Third Reich and Stalinist Russia combined. Neither of those evil empires had this level of technology and propaganda devices at their disposal. For the globalists behind The Great Reset and New World Order, they’re in their final hour: they are into their end-game scenario. In order to complete this global coup d’etat they must move with blitzkrieg speed to get the remaining holdouts injected or removed from society.

French President Emmanuel Macron said recently that the unvaccinated in his country should be treated as non-citizens, and he wants to persecute them as much as possible by banning them from society. One day after Macron announced he was declaring war on his country’s remaining unvaccinated citizens Italy and Austria followed suit. Italy's government had already made vaccination mandatory for teachers and health workers, and since October 2021 all employees have had to be vaccinated or show a negative test before entering the workplace. Refusal results in suspension from work without pay, but not dismissal. Austria has announced plans to make vaccination mandatory for those over the age of 14 from February onwards, while in Greece it will be compulsory for over-60s from 16 January. German leaders are using their police to harass people who appear in public without masks, while Canada's federal health minister announced on 7 January that his country is likely to make vaccination mandatory in the coming months. Australia's Northern Territory chief minister, Michael Gunner, announced harsh lockdown measures on 6 January for unvaccinated citizens, telling them that they are not to leave their homes to work, exercise, or for any reason other than “essential” shopping, providing care to the sick and receiving medical treatment.

Our national anthem claims that we are “one and free”. Is it possible to sing that with conviction anymore? We believe not.

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